Enhancements and affirmations for each area of the Bagua Map

A. The Bagua Map

B. Working with the Bagua
C.Some Clarifications
D.Missing areas of the Bagua
E.Mapping every room
F.Assessing your Bagua profile

The Bagua Map

D. Missing Areas of the Bagua Map

1. Normal Enhancements

Picture of a home with jogs  which has caused the home's Love and Marriage area to be mostly outside the parameters of the dwelling. FIGURE 7 - This figure represents the exterior of the floor plan shown in "Working with the Bagua Map, figures 2 and 3".

The home's Love and Marriage area is mostly outside the parameters of the dwelling. To anchor the Love and Marriage area, the owners of this home chose to plant an olive tree, symbolizing strength and longevity of love. A large built-in planter and flower border further accent the area. They also added outdoor living areas to both floors, enhancing the beauty and functionality of the area.

When there are Bagua areas outside the physical structure of your home; it is important to define and enhance them in some way. This can be as simple as installing an outdoor lamppost, ornamental tree or large statue where the corner would be if the structure were rectangular.

Enhancements such as flagpoles, large boulders, trees, fences, water features and outdoor sculptures can be grouped to enhance the area and increase the Ch'i flow in and around your home. Filling in a "Gua" can also be done by adding a deck, patio, arbor or room addition. The goal is to anchor or complete the missing area with something significant that's in harmony with your home as shown in Figure 7(above) & in Figure 8 (below). Return to Top

2. When you can't do anything outside - Symbolic Enhancements

Missing Bagua areas can be completed energetically by "planting" a meaningful object where the corner of the house would be if it were a rectangle.

a. Outdoor solutions:

Diagram of how to compensate in a dwelling with a jog which has caused an area of the Bagua Map to be outside the dwelling.


Bury a natural quartz crystal (or other meaningful object) pointed up an inch or two in the ground, with the intention of energizing the area. Another idea is to paint pavement with a circle or line to mark the spot. Or use plants, flowers, water fountains, crystals, or personal Ch'i enhancements to build and increase the energy in the area.







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b. Indoor solutions:

Work from the inside by hanging a mirror or art with depth on the wall closest to the missing area or use any of the Ch'i enhancements covered in Chapter 6 to power up the windows and walls located near missing Guas. Also, pay special attention to improving and enhancing the Bagua area in each individual room of your home that corresponds to the same area that's missing in the home's structure.

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